Monday, April 18, 2011

Mumia--Inside and Out

     InsideAndOut by Guy Mingo

              The NAACP Legal Defense Fund (LDF) has joined the legal battle to secure a new trial for Mumia Abu Jamal. His trial and conviction in 1981 continues to be the most talked about death penalty case for a generation. The case has been a flash point for political activists around the world. Despite reams of evidence that Philadelphia police and court system handled his case with extreme prejudice, Mumia has been unable to secure a new trial. So for thirty years he has advocated for human rights, racial justice and prisoner rights from death row.
                Mumia was able to call in and answer questions during an April 3 event at New York City's Riverside Church to announce the addition to his legal team. LDF's Christina Swarms described the historical connection between America's legacy of slavery, lynching and the modern day death penalty. Widener Law School Professor Judith Ritter, Mumia's co-counsel since 2003, summarized his case to date, which seeks to remove him from death row and secure a new trial.
               The track above incorporates vocal 'samples', including Mumia's, taken from a video recorded that day.